Kinuyo Sawano (沢野絹代 Sawano Kinuyo) is the owner of Hokuhoku Lunches in Dobuita and the mother of Hisaka Sawano and Mai Sawano. She lost her husband 13 years ago.


Two years later, to forget her sorrow, Kinuyo started her lunchbox business. Her so-called “Mother’s homemade lunch” became popular among the local bachelors, and with the help of her elder daughter Hisaka, sales gradually have increased over the years. As the business grew, the daily work became increasingly busy thereby causing Kinuyo to neglect her second daughter Mai. As a result, Mai has grown rebellious and delinquent, constantly worrying Kinuyo and Hisaka.


While Ryo Hazuki is searching for Bunkado Antiques, and asks Kinuyo about it's whereabouts, she will tell him it's right in front of him as it is across from her stand. She asks if she should be worried about him for not noticing it.


  • Kinuyo's zodiac sign is Scorpio and she has a O blood type.
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