The Lai Lai Eatery is a large open air restaurant located in an alleyway around the back of Pigeon Cafe and Bar Swing. Despite it's basic look it always seems to be busy with customers. Baolai Yan works behind the counter cooking the food while his wife, Yueying Yan, and daughter, Zhenji Teng, waitress.

Ryo Hazuki chases Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery when retrieving his stolen bag. He can also fight Sam and Larry here if the Wong chase or the first Free Battle with them is failed.

After smashing a table while chasing Wong through the Lai Lai Eatery, Ryo can compensate for the damages he caused and will be given the Big Bronze Medal by Zhenji as a reward for his kind gesture. [1]

It is possible to perform the Chawan Sign here. Doing so will trigger the events that lead up to the ambush at Man Mo Park.


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