Langhuishan (Hànzì: 狼回山, Pinyin: Lánghuíshān, On'yomi: Rōkaizan) is a small village in Guilin visited by Ryo Hazuki near the end of Shenmue II, after he leaves Kowloon.

Thanks to a small port, wharfs and boats sailing the river Yingshuihe may stop near this village and trade. People from the surrounding areas go to Langhuishan for this reason. This village is the closest one to Bailu, however it's necessary to walk for two to three days to reach the destination. In Shenmue III, in Bailu Village Ryo may find indications to Languishan, however if the player tries to go in that direction, Ryo will stop and say he's no reason to return there.


  • The name of this village means "Wolves Mountain".
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