"Come on! If you can beat me, then I'll tell ya!"
― Larry about to fight Ryo after he asks about Yuanda Zhu.[src]

Ligong Luo, more commonly known as Larry (ラリー Rarī), is one of Wuying Ren's henchmen.

Larry used to act as a lone wolf, but now works for Ren after he was beaten up by him in a one-on-one fight.

Shenmue II

Larry, Sam, Wong, and Cool Z stole Ryo Hazuki's bag when he first arrived at Hong Kong. They spent all of his money on gambling.

Later on, Ryo runs into them again in Beverly Hills Wharf where he demands to be taken to see Ren, however Sam refuses to take him unless he donates $500 to Ren.

When Ryo chases the Heavens after being tricked by Ren, he can follow Larry which triggers an one-on-one battle between them. After Ryo defeats him, he is amazed at how strong Ryo is. Ryo then interrogates him and learns that Ren is at Lucky Plaza, a building under construction on Queen's Street. Larry then takes him to the location as he demanded.

If Ryo loses the fight with Larry, he will walk away saying "So long..." without telling him where Ren is. Ryo will then have to search for Ren, Sam or Cool Z, and can ask the people around town where they are located at. [1]

In Kowloon, Larry can be encountered in Free Quest.


  • It is inferred that Larry also likes everything American like Sam, due to him having an American nickname like him.
  • Larry's zodiac sign is Gemini and he has a A blood type.


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