Liu Barber and Hair Salon (バーバー劉 Bābā Ryū) is a barber shop in Dobuita, Yokosuka that is owned by Liu Ji You and his wife Liu En Ling. The shop opens at 10:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM.

During the early events in Disc 1 of Shenmue, the shop is closed due to Liu Gong Hui falling ill. It opens back up once Ryo Hazuki is sent here to seek out information on the three blades.

In the subtitles and when Ryo examines the shop by pressing the L or R trigger (depending on your game settings), the shops name is spelled "Liu Barber and Hair Salon". However, when Ryo enters the shop, it's shortened to "Liu Barber & Hair Salon" on the loading screen. For consistency, this wiki will use Liu Barber and Hair Salon.

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