Liu En Ling (Hànzì: 劉恩鈴, Pinyin: Liú Ēnlíng, On'yomi: Ryū Onrei) is a second-generation Chinese born in Japan. She is the wife of Liu Ji You and the daughter-in-law of Liu Gong Hui. En Ling also owns Liu Barber and Hair Salon alongside her husband.


En Ling's father is one of the three greatest cooks in Yokohama Chinatown. Her mother is Japanese, so En Ling speaks Japanese fluently, and has always lived a Japanese lifestyle. She can hardly speak any Chinese, but writes and reads a little. Nobody knows she is Chinese until she says her name. After getting married to a barber, Ji You, En Ling became a licensed barber as well. She respects her husband professionally as well as personally. En Ling is well received by their customers and some customers prefer to have their face shaved by her.


  • En Ling's zodiac sign is Taurus and she has a B blood type.
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