"Health is the most important thing. You can't buy it with money."
―Gong Hui to Ryo about him always being in good health.[src]

Liu Gong Hui (Hànzì: 劉公恵, Pinyin: Liú Gōnghuì, On'yomi: Ryū Kōkei) is an elderly retired tailor that lives in Sakuragaoka. He is the father of Liu Ji You and the father-in-law of Liu En Ling.


Gong Hui left Shanghai, China, during the end of the Taisho era and moved to Yokohama to start his training as a tailor. He started as a live-in student, and it took him 14 years before he was able to own his own business at the age of 30. Owing a lot to his strict but warm master, he has many good memories and a fine technique. His business ran smoothly and he introduced new technology. He owned a small sewing factory in Yokohama. At the age of 80, he retired and sold off the factory. Though, since his wife died, his son Ji You asked him to live with his family in Sakuragaoka, Yokosuka, he refused because he felt embarrassed by the idea that he would be taken care of by his son. Now he’s bought a larger house in Sakuragaoka and lives there alone as if he were showing it off. He has obtained almost everything that he would want, but his dream of living with grandchildren may not be realized. He seems sad about this.


During the winter, Gong Hui becomes ill with the flu and is hospitalized, but he is later discharged. When Ryo Hazuki is trying to gather information about Lan Di, Gong Hui tells him that gathering by his name that he must be involved with a Chinese black market cartel or even the Chinese Mafia. He suggests he asks sailors about it.

Gong Hui can also tell Ryo the story behind the expression "Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades" if he talks to him after he finds the Phoenix Mirror.


  • Gong Hui's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a A blood type.
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