Liu Ji You (Hànzì: 劉紀祐, Pinyin: Liú Jìyòu, On'yomi: Ryū Kiyū) is a second-generation Chinese that is the owner of Liu Barber and Hair Salon in Dobuita. He is the son of Liu Gong Hui and the husband of Liu En Ling. His mother is deceased.


At home, his family spoke Japanese, but he speaks good Chinese because after graduating from junior high school, he worked for a Chinese barber who was an acquaintance of his father’s. After getting married to En Ling 15 years ago, they started saving money to open their own barbershop. Finally, they opened their shop 10 years ago in Dobuita. To give themselves a competitive edge, they offer a variety of salon services and set their prices slightly lower than Maeda’s longer established barbershop. Now they have many regular customers.


Bossy at home, Ji You is timid in public, because he believes that En Ling is perhaps the better barber and stylist. He doesn't do much around the house so En Ling has to do everything from cleaning the inside of the shop to the cooking and laundry. With his friendly looks, he is considered to be a nice husband in the neighborhood. Recently, they bought a house in Sakuragaoka. Their only concern is that they don’t have any children yet.


  • Ji You's zodiac sign is Libra and he has a A blood type.
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