"Show me a good time, will ya?"
―Ge to Ryo

Longqi Ge (Hànzì: 革竜起, Pinyin: Gé Lóngqǐ, On'yomi: Kaku Ryūki) is the leader of the Red Snakes, a group of criminals in Niaowu. He's an operative of the Chi You Men in Southern China and reports directly to Niao Sun. He's a deadly practitioner of Xinyiliuhequan, a martial arts that takes inspiration from the movements of ten different animals.


Ge is Chinese, with an imposing physique. He's about 2 meters tall and sports long hair. He's an arrogant and violent man who easily threatens and laughs at his opponents.

Shenmue III

After Ryo repeatedly beats some members of the Red Snakes in Niaowu, Ge lures Ryo to their hideout, where he's able to defeat Ryo with the techniques of Xinyiliuhequan. A second attempt with Ren is unsuccessful as well. Ryo then resorts to investigate about Longqi's mysterious kungfu to find a weak spot in his attacks. Finally, Master Bei decides to teach Ryo the Reverse Body Check, a powerful Bajiquan move that will allow him to dodge the thrusting attacks of Xinyiliuhequan and defeat Ge.

Ryo and Ge fight each other one last time on top of the Fortified Castle of Niaowu, where Ryo finally manages to gain the upper hand.


  • Ge is one of the first characters that were shown during the development of Shenmue III
  • It is unclear if his name is ever spoken or mentioned in the game, asides from the credits and Ryo's notebook.
  • In the English version, he shares the same voice actor as Qiu Hsu. In the Japanese version, he shares the same voice actor as Chai.


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