Lu Zhang is a member of the Yellow Heads.

Shenmue II

Lu first appears when he and other Yellow Head members ambush Ryo Hazuki at Man Mo Park after he sets up the Chawan Sign at either Man Mo Bistro or Lai Lai Eatery. He and the other Yellow Heads can defeat Ryo, but then Xiuying Hong will arrive to assist and will knock them all out. Lu will then appear again at Dou Jiang Diner where he and other Yellow Head members capture Shuqin Zhang.

Lu will finally appear again when Wuying Ren and Ryo are captured by the leader of the Yellow Heads Dou Niu at the Dancing Dragon Building. When Ryo and Ren are handcuffed together in a cell of the building, Ren tells him that Ryo is dying. Lu believing the trick, opens the door only to be knocked out by them.

If Ryo and Ren get put back into the cell, Ren tells Lu as he is walking by that they'll tell him about Yuanda Zhu. Once he opens the door, he doesn't see them so he believes they have escaped. They were actually hiding next to the door and knocked him out unseen. Due to this, it seems that Lu is fooled very easily.


  • Lu's zodiac sign is Leo and he has a B blood type.


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