Ryo by two Lucky Hit Stands.

Lucky Hit is a gambling game that's present in both Shenmue II and Shenmue III.

Shenmue II

In Hong Kong, Ryo may play and work at Lucky hit stands as Part-Time Job. Players must place their bet then drop a ball. The ball will roll on pins attached to the stand, if the ball falls on a the red circle you win, if the ball falls on the white x you lose. Ryo has a chance to work part time at any lucky hit stand. The stand owner will give Ryo $300, but he can't run off with it. Ryo must play against a customer, and whoever's ball has fallen on the red circle the most wins, and whoever's ball has fallen on the x the most loses. If both have equal wins or loses it will be sudden death. Whoever wins gets $50 from the other player. If Ryo makes more than $300, the stand owner will pay Ryo half of what he earned from playing. If Ryo has $300 or less when the stand owner comes, the owner will not pay him.

Shenmue III

The Lucky Hit games return in Shenmue III, but this time Ryo cannot use them to work. They're present both in Bailu Village and in Niaowu. In both cities, Ryo may only win prizes or tokens to be exchanged at pawn shops, not money.


  • It is rumored that in Shenmue II the weather and humidity can affect the physics of the lucky hit ball.
  • In Shenmue III, in the Golden Goose casino of Niaowu, there are some Lucky Hit stands sporting the picture of backers of the crowdfunding campaign.
  • Tokens are used for Lucky Hit instead of money since gambling is illegal in the People's Republic of China.
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