Ryo by two Lucky Hit Stands.

Lucky Hit is a gambling game and Part-Time Job in Hong Kong. Players must place their bet then drop a ball. The ball will roll on pins attached to the stand, if the ball falls on a the red circle you win, if the ball falls on the white x you lose. Ryo has a chance to work part time at any lucky hit stand. The stand owner will give Ryo $300, but he can't run off with it. Ryo must play against a customer, and whoever's ball has fallen on the red circle the most wins, and whoever's ball has fallen on the x the most loses. If both have equal wins or loses it will be sudden death. Whoever wins gets $50 from the other player. If Ryo makes more than $300, the stand owner will pay Ryo half of what he earned from playing. If Ryo has $300 or less when the stand owner comes, the owner will not pay him.


  • It is rumored that the weather and humidity can affect the physics of the lucky hit ball.
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