Mai Sawano (沢野麻衣 Sawano Mai) is the second daughter of Kinuyo Sawano, the owner of Hokuhoku Lunches. Her older sister is Hisaka Sawano.


Mai is 16 years old, and in her first year of high school. She started to rebel when she became a middle school student. After her father died, she felt lonely and neglected because her mother and sister were occupied with their lunchbox business.

These days, her boyfriend Goro Mihashi, cheered her up and comforted her. After she started dating him, she began to behave much better and she was often seen helping her sister deliver lunchboxes to the worker’s living quarters. However, her sole intention was to earn money and she often stole from the shop’s cash register. She and Ryo Hazuki have known each other since they were children. As time passes, Goro reveals that he and Mai are getting married.


  • Mai's zodiac sign is Gemini and she has a O blood type.


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