"Lan Di-sama, we have it."
―The man giving the Dragon Mirror to Lan Di after finding it under the cherry tree.[src]

The "Man in Black Suit A" is an elite member of the Chi You Men who works directly under Lan Di and accompanied him in Yokosuka.


He always dresses in a black suit and is a powerful opponent, being versed in martial arts, especially in the Tong Bei Style which is his main strength. Due to this, he is incredibly skilled in one-on-one combat coupled with his merciless nature. His name and previous career before joining the Chi You Men is unknown.


  • This man's zodiac sign is Scorpio and he has a B blood type.
  • Another Chi You Men member, Changyun Cheng has the exact same stats (zodiac sign, blood type, etc.) as this man, although Changyun is clearly a different character.
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