The "Man in Black Suit B" is a member of the Chi You Men who accompanied Lan Di in Yokosuka.


He works directly under Lan Di and is said to be always at his side like a shadow. As one would expect from such a position, he is a formidable opponent and master of the Ying Zhou Gong style of martial arts. He keeps in control of his emotions and always wears a poker face expression, executing any mission given to him without remorse or hesitation.


  • This man's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a O blood type.
  • His appearance is identical to Zhou Yue, another Chi You Men member, but they are clearly different people due to having completely different birthdays, zodiac signs, etc.
  • Another Chi You Men member, Qian Lu has the exact same stats (zodiac sign, blood type, etc.) as this man, although Qian is clearly a different character.
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