Mari Yamashita (山下マリ Yamashita Mari) is an employee at the Tomato Convenience Store in the New Yokosuka Harbor District.


Dreaming of becoming a singer since she was in the second grade, Mari once won a children’s song competition during the Bon dance festival organized by the Dobuita Council. Her singing voice is pretty good, however her parents don’t understand her dream. Mari often attends auditions without telling her parents. So far she has never gotten past the preliminaries. Optimistic and cheerful nevertheless, Mari still believes that a talent scout will discover her someday. To facilitate this happening, she goes to Takeshita Street, Harajuku every month.

When she turned 20 years old, her mother began nagging her to get a life and hurry up and get married. So, she started working at the the Tomato Convenience Store in the New Yokosuka Harbor. She wants to continue her singing lessons by using part of her salary. She often screams at the sea as a form of strengthening her singing voice after she finishes her shift.

Her biggest concern is the age limit for auditions. Increasingly, she has been refused entry because of her age. She hopes her dream of becoming a singer is realized before she becomes 30 years old.


  • Mari's zodiac sign is Cancer and she has a B blood type.
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