"Driving a forklift, it's easy. You'll get the hang of it real quick."
―Mark about to coach Ryo on his first day of work as a forklift operator. — Listen (file info)[src]

Mark Kimberly (マーク・キンバリー Māku Kinbarī) is a worker at the New Yokosuka Harbor District. Mark met Ryo Hazuki in the workplace.


Mark is a warm, quiet person, with a strong philosophical character. As he and Ryo became closer, they developed a friendship, and began conspiring together, each for their own purposes, against the criminal elements in the harbor.

Mark has a brother about Ryo's age who might have been dumped into the bottom of the sea and killed by the Mad Angels. This was because he leaked some important information. Mark could tell that only one person was killed; either the man who heard the information or his brother.

During a phone call with Ine, it is revealed that Mark had visited the Hazuki Dojo in hopes of thanking Ryo for everything he'd done for him, only to discover Ryo had already left for China. By the time Ryo calls Ine regarding this, Mark has already returned to America.



Mark part of the sailor group.

  • Mark's zodiac sign is Cancer and he has a O blood type.
  • As seen in the What's Shenmue? VHS tape; Mark was originally going to be part of the sailor group. However, in the final version of Shenmue; Harry Thompson took his place and Mark was instead a forklift operator at the harbor.
  • A picture of 5 americans can been seen in room 201 of Hotel Niaowu in Shenmue III. Mark is among them.


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