"Ryo-san, where are you going? You're not going after them? Please don't. Look what they did to Hazuki-sensei!"
―Fuku-san to Ryo declaring revenge. — Listen (file info)[src]

Masayuki Fukuhara (Kanji: 福原正幸, Rōmaji: Fukuhara Masayuki) or Fuku-san as he is more commonly referred to by Ryo Hazuki, is a live-in student at the Hazuki Residence where he learned Martial Arts from Iwao Hazuki.


On the day of the incident, Fuku-san was in the Dojo with Iwao when Lan Di arrived. Early on in the confrontation, Fuku-san is thrown out of the Dojo just as Ryo arrives, after this he passes out.

As the days and weeks go by and Fuku-san comes to know what Ryo is trying to do, although Fuku-san thinks it's dangerous, he agrees to aid Ryo in whatever way he can, even giving him his life savings so that Ryo can buy a boat ticket to Hong Kong. Fuku-san does slip up though, by telling Ine-san that Ryo is going to Hong Kong because Iwao's killers are there, despite this he does mean well and does want to help.

As Ryo is finally able to leave Japan for Hong Kong, he asks Fuku-san to take care of the Dojo for him which he, of course, agrees to.

Shenmue III

In Shenmue III in the second part of the game at the hotel you stay at, you can use the telephone to call Masayuki Fukuhara in Japan and he and Ryo will catch up.


Fuku-san is slightly older than Ryo although despite this he doesn't seem to be as skilled in martial arts, and is a little clumsy at times.

He also has a crush on Akemi Sato, the hostess at Bar Yokosuka. He frequently drinks there just to be near her. Before the incident, he came in quite often, but his grief and depression have prevented him from coming by recently.


Shenmue - Rare scenes with Fuku-san in the basement-1

Shenmue - Rare scenes with Fuku-san in the basement-1

  • Fukuhara's zodiac sign is Leo and he has a O blood type.
  • When asked about Fukuhara's IQ in a Twitter event called "#YouAskYu", Yu Suzuki jokingly answered it should be approximately 86.[1]


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