"I was not expecting this. Speak... only after you've seen this move!"
―Master Baihu while losing to Ryo Hazuki

Master Baihu (Hànzì: 白虎, Pinyin: Báihǔ, On'yomi: Byakko) is a mysterious street fighter and master of Tiger Swallow Style in the Yellow Head Building. His style is the same used by Lan Di and Sunming Zhao. It is unclear whether he is a member or associate of the Chi You Men or the Yellow Heads or if he is an unaffiliated fighter, though he does seem to have authority over the suited guards in the Yellow Head building.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki fights him to save Joy from captivity. After he defeats him and tells him his name, Baihu says he'll remember that name hinting they will meet again.


  • Baihu's zodiac sign is Libra and he has a A blood type.
  • Baihu shares a similar theme song to Chai.


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