Mengxia Zhang is a member of the Yellow Heads.

Shenmue II

Mengxia and Yigao Wu come to get revenge on Ryo Hazuki for beating up the Yellow Heads that were terrorizing Guixiang Lee before. Guixiang instructs Ryo to perform the Hind Blow move on Mengxia. If he does so, or defeats him without performing the Hind Blow move, the two will cowardly flee. If Mengxia defeats Ryo, Guixiang will defeat him using the Hind Blow instead.


  • Mengxia shares the same fighting style as Akio Enoki from the first Shenmue. The name of his fighting style in the Shenmue II files is actually 'EN_ENOKI'.
  • Mengxia's zodiac sign is Leo and he has a AB blood type.
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