Miki Maeda (前田ミキ Maeda Miki) is the only daughter of Ichiro Maeda the owner of Maeda Barbershop. She also works at the shop.


Miki has been close to Ryo Hazuki since they were children. She obtained a license to become a hairdresser at a technical college in Yokohama, after graduating from high school in Yokosuka. Now she helps her father in the shop but he hopes that his son-in-law will succeed him in his business in the future. Meanwhile, Miki is secretly planning to transform the shop into a beauty parlor. Her favorite aspect of her father is that he is a man who respects a child’s liberty as long as the child takes responsibility for her actions. However, she is a little angry that he won’t allow her to ride a motorcycle.


  • Miki's zodiac sign is Aries and she has a A blood type.
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