Minako Hirano (平野美奈子 Hirano Minako) is a part-time employee at the Tomato Convenience Store in Dobuita.


Minako is a college student who thinks of nothing but overseas trips and shopping for brand-name goods. Her number-one past time is clubbing. She is well informed and always goes along with anything that’s fun and entertaining. She believes that life should be easy for a pretty girl, and follows this concept whenever possible.

She devotes a lot of time to her part-time job, skipping classes all the time. She doesn't worry about her grades at all, because she hedges her bets by pouring drinks for her professor at parties and keeps a string of at least 10 hardworking boys who are always ready to do her homework or take her tests.

Despite all these boyfriends, she is always on the lookout for new men. She seems to have her eye on Ryo Hazuki and considers him strong and good-looking, even though he is still a high school student and younger than her. She dislikes men such as her part-time co worker, Yohei Kondo, who is gloomy and has no money.

As revealed in a free quest conversation with Minako when Ryo is looking for Charlie Grant, she seems to be interested in Charlie due to his "cool" name and the fact that he wears a black leather jacket, sunglasses, and has a tattoo on his arm.


  • Minako's zodiac sign is Aries and she has a B blood type.


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