Miracle Mushroom is a quest in Shenmue 3, which is available after the thugs in the Hermits Nest have been defeated.

Quest details

Kong Mei, the owner of Kong Mei Store in the Panda Market, tells Ryo that she has a customer who is looking for a Lingzhi Mushroom, and advises him that such mushrooms can be found close to where rivers and lakes flow.


A Lingzhi Mushroom is located to the right of the Verdant Bridge, on the side opposite to the guards. Turning left from the bridge keep going until you encounter an outcrop of rocks. Continue under the rocks towards the hidden fishing spot, and you will see mushrooms growing on the side of the rock face, and one on the floor which you can collect.

Another Mushroom is available on a tree near the Wash House, near to the river in the Sunflower Grove area.


The player can choose between:

  • Porcelain Vase
  • Location of a fishing spot
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