"Welcome to Lapis, I've been expecting you."
―Natsumi welcoming Ryo to her shop. — Listen (file info)[src]

Natsumi Sakuragi (桜木夏実 Sakuragi Natsumi) is the owner and fortuneteller of Lapis Fortune Teller in Dobuita.


Natsumi is popular and is regularly written about in popular woman’s magazines. Originally, the shop was a grocery store ran by her parents, but after they died in a traffic accident, Natsumi closed the store and began telling fortunes there instead. All her neighbors know the truth about her background but keep it secret because her fortune telling is so popular that it draws many customers into Dobuita’s shopping district. While the magazine features have contributed to her popularity, the main reason is the accuracy of her predictions.


Ryo Hazuki can have his fortune read by Natsumi for ¥300.


  • Natsumi's zodiac sign is Pisces and she has a A blood type.


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