"Show no mercy! Lan Di... that fool! The Chi You Men belong to me now! I'll burn Lan Di and the rest of it down! Mwhahaha!"
―Niao Sun burning Lan Di's HQ

Niao Sun (Hànzì: 鳥隼, Pinyin: Niǎo Sǔn, On'yomi: Chō Jun), also known as Feng Li (Hànzì: 麗峰, Pinyin: Lì Fēng, On'yomi: Ri Fen) and Yan Di (Hànzì: 炎帝, Pinyin: Yándì, On'yomi: Entei), is one of the four leaders of the Chi You Men. She is a villain in Shenmue III working alongside Lan Di. "Niao Sun" is simply an alias of hers, although it is unclear if Feng Li is another alias or her true name.

As a leader of the Chi You Men, Niao is in charge of the South, in accordance with the astrological direction of her respective heavenly beast, the red phoenix, also known as the Vermilion Bird. Besides Lan Di, the other two Chi You Men leaders are Hao Di (White Tiger) and Xuan Di (Black Tortoise).

The Chinese characters that make up her name are Niao (鳥) "bird" and Sun (隼) "falcon".


Niao Sun enjoys confusing and seducing people. She appears to be an evil woman of sorts, and malevolent in nature. She is manipulative and two-faced, appearing kind and innocent as Feng Li, and then threatening to slit Shenhua Ling's throat as Niao Sun.

She is an expert martial arts practitioner. However, her greatest talent is said to lie in the area of plotting and strategy, and she makes use of her cunning wits to play dirty tricks.

Niao is also very power-hungry, trying to double-cross and kill Lan Di and rule over the organization herself. It is unclear if Niao has a personal motive against him, or simply wants money and power.

Shenmue Side Story

In the comic Shenmue Side Story, Niao shares a scene with Ziming Hong. She asks him what his half of his Yin Yang stone is, although he tells her she does not need to know.

Shenmue III

Niao Sun first appears on the same boat as Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua Ling are on when they arrive at Niaowu, possibly hinting that she has been stalking them. He notices her staring off into the distance.


Niao Sun disguised as Feng Li.

Later, Ryo finds her again in the town where she walks into a little boy passing by. It is unclear if this is accidental or Niao being cruel. She asks the boy if he is okay. When Ryo walks up to her, Niao comments that Ryo was on the same boat and asks Ryo if his "girlfriend" is with him. Ryo clarifies Shenhua is not his girlfriend. It is possible Niao is snooping for information on Ryo and Shenhua's relationship and whereabouts.

Later on, Niao can point Ryo in the direction of a thug. He can find Niao later, who assumes Ryo is Japanese and wonders why he is in the city. When Ryo stammers, Niao apologizes for being too nosy.


Niao Sun abducting Shenhua.

When Ryo and Wuying Ren plan on fighting the Longqi Ge again, they find Niao alone in their warehouse hideout. Ryo and Ren ask where the Red Snakes went. Niao vaguely tells them that the land belongs to her, so she had them leave. She tells them that the gang are in the old castle and abducted Shenhua, even smiling as she says this. When Ryo and Ren return to Hotel Niaowu, they find a letter from Niao saying that if Ryo wants to save his "little girlfriend", he should come to the old castle and bring the Phoenix Mirror with him. In a flashback, Niao is seen lying to Shenhua, telling her that the Red Snakes captured Ryo. Shenhua leaves the hotel with Niao.


Niao Sun laughs as she burns Lan Di's headquarters.

At the end of the game, Ryo and Ren find Niao chilling on a couch. Ryo recognizes Niao as Feng Li. She orders Ryo to hand over the Phoenix Mirror, or Shenhua will have her throat slit. Ryo obliges. Niao tells Ryo that Lan Di is waiting at the top of the old castle and he leaves to go fight. Niao has her bodyguards burn the castle. She calls Lan Di a fool and claims the Chi You Men belong to her, even hoping for Lan Di's death by burning.


Niao Sun

Niao Sun

A promotional video from before the release of Shenmue showing Niao Sun in the Shenmue game engine.

  • The concept of Niao Sun was envisioned before the first Shenmue game was released, two decades before Shenmue III came out. She appeared in promotional art as well as a video.
  • In early promotions, she was also given the names TyoJun and Chong Hua.
  • Her design changed from her original appearance, as she has pinkish rose-colored hair instead of black hair, and dons a completely new outfit.
  • Niao Sun and Lan Di may be hiding in a Shenmue III trailer.[1]
  • Considering how the Vermilion Bird represents fire, it is appropriate that she dresses in red and uses fire to burn Lan Di's headquarters.
  • She is a practitioner of Tanglangquan, a martial arts style that takes inspiration from the movements of a praying mantis.
  • Her breast size is 98 cm.


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