Ryo in Niaowu.

Niaowu (Hànzì: 鳥舞, Pinyin: Niǎowǔ, On'yomi: Chōbu) is a fictional location in Shenmue III. It is a riverside city-village in the mountains of Guilin with lots of shops, souvenir stores, hotels and temples. It is located along the Li River. Its most important landmark is the Elephant Trunk Hill (which is actually located near Guilin City).

Shenmue III

Ryo Hazuki and Shenhua Ling take a boat to Niaowu after their exploration of Bailu Village.

Niaowu is being terrorized by the Red Snakes gang and its leader, Longqi Ge.



One of the shops in Niaowu is a "wooden dummy cafe" where Ryo can have tea with wooden dummies.

Tomato Convenience Store returns.


  • Yu Suzuki said there are about 140 shops in Niaowu, and Ryo can shop in about 70 of them.
  • The tourism company of Niaowu created a mascot called "Chobu-chan" who is a cartoon chicken in order to try to boost tourism. Its name may be a reference to the town's original name. Chobu-chan statues can be found hidden in each shop.
  • The aspect of this city takes inspiration from the Fenghuang County, Suzhou and Shanghai water towns.


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