Noriyuki Tsuruoka (鶴岡紀之 Tsuruoka Noriyuki) is the manager of Jupitor's Jackets in Dobuita.


After graduating from high school, Noriyuki worked as a used-car dealer in his hometown, Yokosuka. Taking advantage of his own tactfulness and charismatic nature, he achieved good sales, but he could not get along with his boss and quit the job two years later. After moving from one job to another, he finally settled on his present job as manager of Jupitor’s Jackets, after being introduced to the owner by a friend of his two years ago.

Noriyuki enjoys his job a lot because he has always liked the unique Yokosuka style jackets he sells in the store. Despite his enthusiasm, jacket sales remain slow due in part to the depressed economy. Recently he started living alone at Tsukushi Apartments in Dobuita.


  • Noriyuki's zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a B blood type.
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