A Part-Time Job are jobs available in the Shenmue series. Many allow Ryo to earn money.


  • After enough progression in the story, there is a mandatory forklift job that lasts for 5 days.

Shenmue II

  • Ryo can earn money by moving crates. Speak to Delin Hong in Aberdeen, and Congo Maccius in Kowloon.
  • Although Ryo isn't paid in money, he can earn four move scrolls from Hanhui Liu during the mandatory airing out books at Man Mo Temple. Three (Diagonal Wipe, Horseshoe Kick and Mantis Combo) are obtained by airing out at least 10 in one day, although they can be purchased later in the game. The fourth (Lunging Strike) is exclusive and missable; to obtain it, Ryo must air out all books 2 days in a row.
  • Ryo can operate various Lucky Hit stands.

Shenmue III

  • There will be a wood-chopping part-time job. Also, forklifts will return.
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