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Ryo using a phone.

Ryo Hazuki has various opportunities to phone people in the first Shenmue. This may be done for free at his house, or for ¥10 at either the payphone in Sakuragaoka, Hirata Tobacco Shop in Dobuita or at the entrance to the New Yokosuka Harbor District.

Phone numbers are also said to return in Shenmue III.

Phone Numbers


  • Police - 110 : If Ryo dials this number, he will opt making the call saying that he'll avenge his father's murder on his own or that he doesn't want the police involved in his quest.
  • Fire - 119 : If Ryo dials this number, he will opt making the call saying that it is pointless as there are no fires wherever he is at.
  • Weather Forecast - 177 : If Ryo dials this number, a weather report will be given from the Konagawa Meteorological Observatory stating the weather conditions of the upcoming day.
  • Number Assistance - 104 : Ryo can dial this number when searching for the location of Master Chen. They will tell him that it's impossible to look up an address from a telephone number, Ryo will be given four dialogue options. If he asks them what area it's in by selecting "Area", they'll tell him he's in Amihama (The New Yokosuka Harbor District). Choosing the incorrect options will have them hang up and Ryo cannot call them again about Master Chen.


  • Hazuki Dojo - 0468-37-7424 : When out of the Hazuki Residence, Ryo can dial his home number and speak to either Ine-san or Fuku-san.
  • Naoyuki Ito - 0468-37-7492 : The phone number of the Ito Residence, Kayoko Ito will always answer when dialing this number.
  • Nozomi Harasaki - 0468-22-5508 : The phone number of the Harasaki Residence, either Nozomi Harasaki or her grandmother will answer the phone. Ryo can talk to Nozomi about events that happened with each other during the game such as her incident with Akio Enoki at Sakuragaoka Park, Ryo saving her from the Mad Angels, or even events in the past with each other. Most of the time, when dialing in Sakuragaoka, her grandmother will answer.
  • Master Chen - 0468-61-5647 - When dialing Master Chen, Ryo will need to give the proper password (Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades). He will always speak to Guizhang Chen. At the beginning of Disc 3, he can translate the Chinese written scrolls found in the Hazuki Dojo and Basement if you call him and then go to the Old Warehouse #8 (separate phone calls and visits must be made for each scroll). If you call him when you don't need anything he will get irritated if Ryo enters the warehouse and talks to him. He will say things like "I don't have time to listen to your bullshit".


  • When dialing, you don't need to input the "0468" at the beginning.
  • Although the phone calling was removed in Shenmue II, it will be available in Shenmue III as an Kickstarter exclusive DLC award to those who donated a certain amount. It is unknown if it will actually be available as downloadable content for those who did not once the game is released.
  • In the re-release of Shenmue, Shenmue I & II, all the phone numbers have their last digit removed. This is due to these being actual real numbers in Japan, and many Japanese players called these numbers when the game was first released
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