Photo of Friends
Photo of Ryo and his friends.
Found in
Ryo's Room, Hazuki Residence
Shenmue II (DC version only)

Photo of Friends is a photograph of Ryo Hazuki, Naoyuki Ito, Ichiro Sakurada, and Nozomi Harasaki that can be found in a drawer in Ryo's room in the Hazuki Residence.


  • If this photo is obtained in your cleared Shenmue file, it can be transferred to a new Dreamcast Shenmue II file (though the regions of both games/saves must coincide with each other). Since the Xbox version does not allow you to carry over your save, as the first Shenmue was never released on the Xbox, this photo is mysteriously missing. Though through modding, it can be unlocked in your inventory as it's still within the game's files. [1]
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