Photo of Joy
Photo of Joy and Ryo together.
Found in
Worker's Pier, Aberdeen

This photograph of Joy and Ryo Hazuki together can be obtained after the first day of work carrying crates at Fortune's Pier, Aberdeen. Passing the Pigeon Cafe entrance, will trigger the scene.

When Ryo first arrives in Hong Kong, a photographer named Zhouji Lin took a photo of him. He finally spots Ryo and attempts to convince him to purchase the photo for $50 and keeps lowering the price each time he refuses. After he demands that Ryo pays $10 after bothering him, Joy comes along and offers to buy the photo along with another photo of Ryo and her that she asks him to take.

Joy is happy with the photo of Ryo and leaves the photo of herself and him in his hands. She then drives off without paying Zhouji.

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