Pit Blow
Ryo shows Fuku-san how to perform the Pit Blow.
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Pit Blow (水月突き Suigetsuduki) is a move of the Hazuki Style. Iwao Hazuki taught Ryo Hazuki the move and he only taught Fuku-san the basics of the move. In the Hazuki Dojo, Fuku-san asks Ryo if he could show him how to do the move. Ryo can either accept or decline the opportunity. Ryo wasn't as good as his father was. But if Ryo shows him the move he masters it and Fuku-san feels Ryo's technique is a lot better than his.

Later on in Hong Kong, if Ryo airs out all the books the first time he does the service in Man Mo Temple, he shows Hanhui Liu some of his moves and he shows him the Pit Blow.


The attack itself is an alternating set of punches to the midsection, executed whilst stepping towards the target. The user first steps forward and punches with their rear hand then steps forward again and punches with the other hand.

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