QTE Title

Ryo about to play QTE Title at You Arcade.

QTE Title (QTE タイトル QTE taitoru) is an arcade game that is playable in the Shenmue series. For Ryo Hazuki to play it costs ¥100 at the You Arcade in Yokosuka, $5 at the Pine Game Arcade in Wan Chai, and $5 in the Moon Child Orphanage in Kowloon.

This game works in a similar way to the QTE events in game. Ryo must press either the X, A or B buttons on the controller as the punching mats come towards him. You get 3 chances to miss before the game ends. If Ryo earns a score of 300,000 points or more, he will obtain the Mini QTE Title capsule toy prize.



The game in Shenmue III.

  • A screenshot from Shenmue III implies that the game will return.
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