QTE prompt when fighting Enoki in Dobuita.

During Quick Time Event (QTE) sequences, a button will flash on screen briefly and the player must press the button or combination of buttons to trigger Ryo Hazuki's actions. Fights against opponents can take place in QTE form. In addition to battles, QTE sequences are used for various other scenarios. For example, at one point a QTE sequence is used when Ryo must chase Jimmy Yan of Asia Travel Company who has stolen money from him. The player's success or failure in these scenes can affect the flow of gameplay as well as the current cutscene. There are also two games at You Arcade that require QTE, they are "Excite QTE 2" and "QTE Title".

In addition to normal QTEs in Shenmue II, there is a new type of QTE called Command QTE. The game will freeze, then the D-Pad and Y, X, B, A buttons will appear on the screen. It will show a combination of buttons pressed. The player will need to repeat this command quickly or they will fail. Sometimes, if only part of the Command QTE is pressed, the outcome will be different.



Shenmue II

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