Red snakes

The symbol of the Red Snakes, on a small barge

The Red Snakes (Hànzì: 赤蛇, Pinyin: Chìshé, On'yomi: Akaja) is a Chinese criminal organization operating in the South of China. They work for the Chi You Men cartel, and report directly to Niao Sun. Their hideout is located in Niaowu. They usually threaten and harrass the people of Niaowu, especially women and elderly and offer their "protection" for money. The leader of the Red Snakes is Longqi Ge.

Known Members

These are the members that are known to be part of the Red Snakes.

  • Longqi Ge (Leader)
  • Kō (Ge's right hand)
  • Ryo (Kō's younger brother)


  • The symbol of the Red Snakes is composed of two red snakes coiled around a sword.
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