Ren's Blade
Ren's Blade
Ren getting ready to attack Ryo
Used by

Ren's Blade is a weapon used by Ren Wu Ying in Wan Chai and Kowloon. Ren first used the blade while Ryo Hazuki was looking for info on Yuanda Zhu . After Ryo gets the 500 dollars, Cool Z takes Ryo to Ren. After giving the 500 dollars, Ren attacks Ryo with the Blade this triggers a QTE and if failed he slashes Ryo with it, making Sam and Larry kick Ryo, wasting a day/night. If suceeded Ryo dodges the blade and makes Ren drop it. After Ren picks it back up, he offers to "Help". Ren says Zhu is at Fortunes Pier. Ren waits for Ryo there, once he arrives they go into a building in Fortunes Pier, they see Yuan Yellowheads. The lights go out and Ren knocks out two guards. After the Light is turned back, the money is gone, with Ren missing as well leaving his Blade behind.

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