"Definitely a buy!"
―Ren Dan while listening to the stock market channel with a newspaper in his hand. — Listen (file info)[src]

Ren Dan (丹仁 Dān rén) is the owner of the Come Over Guest House in the Green Market Quarter, Wan Chai. He always listens to the stock market radio channel with a newspaper in his hand. He has a stern look on his face, but he doesn't seem to be a bad person.

Shenmue II

When Ryo Hazuki asks him for a room, he claims there is no vacancy until Ryo mentions Joy. Ryo then has to pay $38 every night which is the discounted "Joy" price.

He will answer any question Ryo has, as long as he pays his rent. If he doesn't pay, Ren Dan won't help him until he pays all the rent that is currently owed. If Ryo does not pay for several days in a row, Ren Dan claims that he'll go bankrupt and begs him to pay.

If Ryo asks Ren Dan about what kind of person Xiuying Hong is after he meets her, Ren Dan feels that it's incredible that he has met her due to her being a master of kung fu and rarely revealing her true self. [1]

If Ryo visits the Come Over Guest House after staying at the Yan Tin Apartments with Xiuying for awhile, Ren Dan will question where has he been staying although claiming not to care either way.

If Ryo still has rent that he owes Ren Dan until the end of his journey in Kowloon, he will give Joy the rest of the money to give to him. This is revealed in a Notebook entry at this time.


Ren Dan seems to be a gambler. When Ryo asks him about a place to gamble, he encourages him not to start at his young age or he'll end up like him.


  • Through the "map glitch" method; Ryo can talk to Ren Dan right next to him, behind his counter. [2]
  • In the English dubbed Xbox version of Shenmue II, two voice clips with Ren Dan and a shop owner in Kowloon are completely reversed and misplaced. When triggering the conversation with the misplaced files with Ren Dan, he will say the shop owner's voice clip "This is something that's only found at the top of mountain Shumi.", while triggering the misplaced file conversation with the shop owner, he will say Ren Dan's voice clip "Oh, this? This is my, um, stock...".
  • Ren's zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a B blood type.


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