Reverse Body Check
Ryo learning the Reverse Body Check technique with master Bei.
⇦,Y,B,A,X,A (PC)
⇦,△,〇,✕,▢,✕ (PS4)

Reverse Body Check (Hànzì: 鷂子穿林, Pinyin: Yàozichuānlín, On'yomi: Yōshisenrin) is a powerful Bajiquan move master Xianzi Bei teaches Ryo Hazuki in Niaowu to help him overcome the thrusting attacks of the Xinyiliuhequan of Longqi Ge. This move consists in deflecting a thrusting attack from an opponent to move behind their back and perform the Body Check technique, therefore it's necessary that the performer already mastered this move.

Ryo acquires the scroll of the Reverse Body Check e in a martial arts pawn shop in Niaowu, however the last page is missing. Despite an initial refusal to help, Master Bei finally agrees to provide the missing information and teaches Ryo this technique.

Ryo may use this move only during specific QTEs.


  • The translation of the name of this technique is "Heron in the Forest".
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