Robert Wells (ロバート·ウェルズ Robāto U~Eruzu) is a Mexican sailor currently working on the same ship as Harry Thompson at the New Yokosuka Harbor District.


Robert is good friends with Harry, and has known him for the past 5 years. Despite the trouble he gets in with Harry and the other sailors, he is actually quite a cheerful person. When he gets angry, rather than exploding, he becomes quiet. Robert has skills as a boxer and his light footwork helps him win a lot of street fights. He also takes good care of his appearance, especially his mustache and hair.


Ryo Hazuki first meets Robert on his second day of work at the harbor. Robert and other sailors demand Ryo pays up his insurance money that all rookies pay. He refuses and they get in a fight. If Ryo wins, Robert and the others run away scared. But if he fails, they take all of his money.


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5 Americans photo in Shenmue III.

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