Shenhua Ling
Shenhua as she appears in Shenmue III
September 9th, 1970
Hair color
Eye color
155 cm
43 kg
Voice actor
Hazuki Ishigaki (Japanese, Shenmue I, II)
Haruka Terui (Japanese, Shenmue III)
Debora Rabbai (English, Shenmue)
Akasha Scholen (English, Shenmue II)
Brianna Knickerbocker (English, Shenmue III)
"You saved my life. I want to thank you. Please rest for a bit. Please? Good. Follow me. We'll see my house soon."
―Shenhua to Ryo Hazuki[src]

Shenhua Ling (Hànzì: 玲莎花, Pinyin: Líng Shāhuā, On'yomi: Rei Shenhua) is a mysterious girl. Her name can also be translated as Sha Hua. She is named after the flower of the Shenmue tree located outside her house.

Though her presence is shrouded in mystery, Ryo Hazuki's fate is deeply influenced by her and the two share a special bond together.


Her innocent looks hide her power and courage created by the wilderness of China. Shenhua is well versed with nature. She is pure, with great compassion and strength.

Due to her lifestyle and background, she is unfamiliar with many concepts, such as what Japan is, what hotdogs are, etc.


She has lived in Bailu Village in Guilin her entire life with her adoptive father who is her only family. Shenhua was told her real parents died and she doesn't remember them or even how they died. As a child, Shenhua would throw tantrums because she wanted a mother and brothers and sisters.

She plants vegetables in the garden and feeds the goats. She doesn't go to school and if she needs to know anything, she talks to her adoptive father and the other villagers. She also claims she eats rabbits; however, she is of the opinion that they are "gifts" from the mountains and not to be wasted.


Shenhua appears in the prologue, speaking of a legend.[1]

In the actual game, she first appears in Ryo's dreams. Shenhua also inexplicably appears on the potato chip, caramel, and chocolate packages that are at the Tomato Convenience Store in Yokosuka, as well as on a cassette tape and on the Winning Can, which is likely the series self-referencing itself in a humorous way.

She also speaks in the passport.[2]

Shenmue II


Shenhua and Ryo after they nearly drown.

Near the end of the game, Ryo meets Shenhua in Guilin on his way to Bailu Village. While walking on a forested path, Ryo witnesses Shenhua dive into a river to save a white fawn (deer). Ryo dives in after them and tells her to let go of the fawn, but she refuses to. They end up being washed ashore, and all three of them survive. Shenhua explains that she just had to save the white deer because it is her village's "guardian" -- Bailu means "white deer".

Shenhua offers to show Ryo the way to the village as it is near her house and along the 2 day trek across mountains and through the forests and rocky cliffs they get to know each other. Ryo tells her he is from Japan, and Shenhua doesn't seem to have a clue what Japan is, but takes note that it is a "country to the east".

At one point, they rest in a cave and Ryo shows her Nozomi's photo. He tells her she's in Canada and Shenhua doesn't seem to know what Canada is either. He also tells her about Tom Johnson, Guizhang Chen, Goro Mihashi and Xiuying Hong.

Ending & Credits (English Speech)

Ending & Credits (English Speech)

Shenmue II ending scenes.

They soon arrive at Shenhua's house where she lives with her adoptive father. Shenhua talks about the Shenmue tree outside her house, and says it holds special meaning. As a baby, her parents named her Shenhua after the flowers from the Shenmue tree. Shenhua lets Ryo stay at her house overnight as a thank you for saving her. She feeds him rabbit for dinner.

The next morning, Ryo and Shenhua go to the stone pit where Shenhua's father is supposed to be working but they find he is missing. He has left behind a note and a sword called the Sword of the Seven Stars. The note from her father:

"Dear Shenhua... My work is done. The Phoenix entrusted to our people is now complete. The time of destiny has come. Shenhua... Go with the one who holds the Phoenix, and find the proof. Yield yourself to the one... and go, together. I shall give you the family treasure, the Sword of the Seven Stars. Think of the sword as a part of me and keep it with you. I shall always watch over you."
―Shenhua's adoptive father in a note

Shenhua and Ryo delve further into the cave they find he has carved two giant versions of the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors onto the stone wall.

Shenmue III

Shenhua will be Ryo's traveling companion during the game.


  • Shenhua's zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a A blood type.


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