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Shenmue: The Movie poster

Shenmue: The Movie is a movie that contains all the major events of the first Shenmue. It was released with the Xbox version of Shenmue II in 2002 and is 1 hr 30 mins long.

The point of releasing this movie was for people who never had a Dreamcast due to it being unsuccessful because of the PlayStation 2, that are playing Shenmue II first, to know what happened before Shenmue II. The movie had the game's cutscenes, but put into a suspenseful movie-like form.

Fan remaster

A fan (Mr 357) has recreated the entire movie in full HD with widescreen support and captured much of the missing content that was missing from the original movie. It is online at YouTube.[1]


  • Throughout the movie many sound effects were replaced with new ones compare to the original game itself.


Cast (English)

Corey Marshall - Ryo Hazuki

Robert Jefferson - Iwao Hazuki

Ruth Hollyman - Nozomi Harasaki

Paul Lucas - Lan Di / Chai

Terry Osada - Ine Hayata / Megumi Mishima

Eric Kelso - Masayuki Fukuhara / Chen Gui Zhang

Dennis Falt - Chen Yao Wen / Keizo Oishi

Ryan Drees - Tom Johnson

Jerry Ledbetter - Mark Kimberly

Alex Hayns - Smith Bradley

Eric Jacobsen - Charlie Grant

Rob Croker - Terry Ryan

Ann Slater - Xia Xiu Yu

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