"My compliments. You mastered it with so little instruction. You are truly a Hazuki. Your father would be very proud of you."
―Yamagishi complimenting Ryo after mastering the Double Blow move with very little instruction[src]

Shigeo Yamagishi (山岸成夫 Yamagishi Shigeo) is an elderly resident of Sakuragaoka.


Yamagishi is well versed in martial arts and trained in martial arts since childhood. At age 30 he was drafted into the military where he served on the front lines. After he completed his military service he moved with his wife to Sakuragaoka because his wife had a love of cherry trees.


On the day of Iwao Hazuki's death, Yamagishi fell down after the black car sped past him and hurt his back. He was a good friend of Iwao. In the past, they used to spar together and drink sake afterwards. He hopes to one day drink sake with Ryo Hazuki. At Suzume Park he offers to teach Ryo a move called Double Blow, a move that he once taught his father Iwao.


  • Shigeo's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a AB blood type.


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