"Why? Why would you do so much to help me?"
―Shiling to Ryo

Shiling Lin (Hànzì: 林詩鈴, Pinyin: Lín Shīlíng, On'yomi: Rin Shirin) is a character in Shenmue III. She is a shrine maiden of the Liu Jiao Shrine in Niaowu.

Shenmue III

Shiling's shrine was recently vandalized by the Red Snakes. When she finds Ryo Hazuki lurking around the area, she immediately assumes he is part of the Red Snakes and physically assaults him with a broom. When Ryo is given the opportunity to defend himself and he explains that he's searching for the Red Snakes, she believes him and apologizes for the misunderstanding, and for not giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Shiling can later help assist Ryo with missions in Niaowu. In one, Ryo can get her a scripture. In returns, she gives him a Liu Jiao Shrine Phonecard.

In the finale of the game, Shiling goes with Ryo and the group to the old castle by boat, and she helps ward off the Chi You Men.


  • Strangely enough, despite being Chinese, Shiling wears the traditional dress of a Japanese miko (巫女) of Shinto temples.


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