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Shuqin Zhang (Hànzì: 張書勤, Pinyin: Zhāng Shūqín, On'yomi: Chō Shokin) is the aide of Yuanda Zhu.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki first meets him after setting up the Chawan Sign at the Dou Jiang Diner. Zhang, unseen, gives Ryo a note instructing him to meet at the diner at 8pm. At 8pm Zhang enters the diner; shortly after appearing, members of the Yellow Heads break in and capture him. Ryo fights off the men and rescues Zhang. Zhang reveals that he has no idea about Zhu's current whereabouts as he has hidden himself from the Chi You Men. However, Zhang tells Ryo to seek a dangerous man known as "Ren of Heavens" as he might know where Zhu is.

Later on, Zhang follows Ryo to Kowloon in order to help in their investigations on Yuanda Zhu. However, because of his connection with Zhu, he gets captured again by an executive of the Yellow Heads Yuan, leading Ryo and Ren to rescue him.

At Ren's Hideout after being rescued from Yuan's Room, he reveals that Zhu is located on the 10th floor of the Ghost Hall Building. He then gives him a key with a Snake and Tortoise on it telling him to look after Zhu.

Shenmue III

Zhang as he appears in Shenmue III.

Screenshots were released before the game's release confirming that Zhang will be in the game. He only appears in the Story Quest Pack DLC, where he reunites with Ryo in Niaowu.

Shenmue the Animation

Zhang as he appears in the anime.

Zhang appears in Shenmue the Animation. In Episode 9, he meets Ryo at the Dou Jiang Diner at night, after he performs the Chawan Sign there during the day. Soon after they meet, the Yellow Heads barge into the restaurant and capture Zhang. Once Zhang is rescued, he tells Ryo that Ren would know where Yuanda Zhu is located at, and that even he doesn't know.

In Episode 10, while Ryo and Ren try to gather clues on Zhu's whereabouts through Huang the Wiretapper's cassette tapes, they learn that Yuan has Zhang held captive. They follow Yuan to his room and rescue Zhang. Once they leave the apartment building, Zhang gives Ryo keys and tells him to go to the Ghost Hall Building to find Zhu.


  • Zhang's zodiac sign is Scorpio and he has a A blood type.