Space Harrier

Ryo deciding whether or not to play Space Harrier at You Arcade.

Space Harrier (Japanese: スペースハリアー, Hepburn: Supēsu Hariā) is an arcade game developed and released by Sega Enterprises in December 1985. The game is playable at all the arcades in the Shenmue series. For Ryo Hazuki to play it costs ¥100 at the You Arcade in Yokosuka and $5 at the Pine Game Arcade in Wan Chai.

Ryo can also win a copy of the game to play on his Sega Saturn by winning second prize in the raffle at the Tomato Convenience Store in Dobuita or the Harbor Lounge in the New Yokosuka Harbor District. Also by earning a score of 10,000,000 or more at You Arcade, Ryo will obtain a miniature capsule toy of the arcade cabinet and by clearing the game with one credit, he will earn a certificate from Yuji Nito the owner of You Arcade.

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