"Don't mess with us kid!"
― Sam after beating up Ryo.[src]

Sunjie Liu, more commonly known as Sam (サム Samu), is one of Wuying Ren's henchmen and a member of the Heavens.

His real name is "Sunjie Liu" but he calls himself "Sam" because he loves everything American. Sam is confident of his skills, but carries a special collapsible nightstick just in case. Ryo Hazuki describes him as having the face of a monkey.

Shenmue II

When Ryo first arrived in Hong Kong, Sam, Larry, Cool Z, and Wong stole Ryo's bag. They spent the money in the bag gambling.

Later on, Ryo runs into them again in Beverly Hills Wharf where he demands to be taken to see Ren, however Sam refuses to take him unless he donates $500 to Ren.

When Ryo chases the Heavens after being tricked by Ren, he can follow Sam which triggers an one-on-one battle between them. After Ryo defeats him, he interrogates him and learns that Ren is at Lucky Plaza, a building under construction on Queen's Street. Sam then takes him to the location as he demanded.

If Ryo loses the fight with Sam, he will walk away telling Ryo to take a nap without telling him where Ren is. Ryo will then have to search for Ren, Larry or Cool Z, and can ask the people around town where they are located at. [1]

In Kowloon, Sam can be encountered in Free Quest.


  • Sam's zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a O blood type.


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