Sunming Zhao (Hànzì: 趙孫明, Pinyin: Zhào Sūnmíng, On'yomi: Chō Sonmei) was Lan Di's father.


Zhao was a master of Tiger Swallow Style. He was friends with Iwao Hazuki, and the two trained together in Bailu Village. Zhao knew Yunshen Yuan.

Zhao wanted to retrieve the Phoenix Mirror and Dragon Mirror before they fell into the wrong hands (i.e. the Chi You Men). The mirrors were entrusted to him.

Yuanda Zhu says that Iwao murdered Zhao accidentally in Mengcun, and that is the reason Lan Di went to kill him. Although, Zhu believes that it happened, and it could not be true.

Zhao's death left his only son, Longsun (Lan Di), to be raised by the Chi You Men.



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