Swallow Flip
Master Chen and Guizhang demonstrating the Swallow Flip.
⇨+X,A (DC, XB, XBO)
⇨+▢,✕ (PS4)

Swallow Flip (燕旋擺柳) is a move Master Chen teaches Ryo Hazuki before he leaves Yokosuka to head to Hong Kong.


The move is a reversal. It intercepts an opponent's strike and uses their own momentum to take them to the ground. It is performed by stepping backwards, intercepting the opponent's strike, then tripping them by kicking out their legs from underneath them and flipping them onto their back in the same motion. Master Chen explains that the move would end with punching the opponent's face or neck once they're grounded, as the throw cannot completely incapacitate a foe, but in-game the grounded punch is not actually performed with the attack.

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