Sword of Seven Stars in Shenmue II


Sword of Seven Stars in Shenmue III

The Sword of Seven Stars (Hànzì: 七星剣, Pinyin: Qīxīngjiàn, Onyomi: Shichiseiken) is a sword that belongs to Yuan's family. Ryo and Shenhua find it in the Stone Pit of Bailu Village. It appears to be made with a strange material and its grip is engraved with the constellation of the Big Dipper. In the Stone Pit, it seems to magically react to Shenhua's touch. After discovering it, she carries it with herself.

Shenmue II

Ryo and Shenhua find the sword in the Stone Pit. They soon discover it works as a key of a seemingly magical mechanism that includes giant versions of the Dragon and Phoenix mirrors. The sword floats in the air, and reflects a mysterious beam emitted by the Phoenix mirror towards a series of torches, which are then ignited.

Shenmue III

In Bailu Village, Ryo and Shenhua use once again the Sword of Seven Stars as key of a mechanism in the bell tower. The Sword of Seven Stars is also represented on one of the bell tower tokens.


  • The Shenmue II designer, Norikazu Hirai declared in an interview[1] that actually Yu Suzuki's original concept was a dagger, which is likely why in Shenmue III the sword looks a bit shorter than in the previous game.
  • Many Chinese swords were marked with seven stars. According to Daoism, this was meant to protect the owner and ward off demons.
  • In the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West and many of its adaptations, two demon kings own a sword with this name.
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