Taijiquan (Hànzì: 太极拳, Pinyin: Tàijíquán, On'yomi: Taikyokuken) is a traditional martial art from China. It's split into five main different styles that descend from five families:

Chen, 陳式太極拳 (Pinyin: Chén shì tàijíquán)

Yang, 杨式太极拳 (Pinyin: Yáng shì tàijíquán)

Wu/Hao, 武/郝式太极拳 (Pinyin: Wǔ/Hǎo shì tàijíquán)

Wu 吴式太极拳 (Pinyin: Wú shì tàijíquán)

Sun 孙式太极拳 (Pinyin: Sūn shì tàijíquán)

In Shenmue, Ryo meets many practitioners of taijiquan, mostly Chen style.

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