The Tao-Get Store (Hànzì: 陶陶特価, Pinyin: Táotáotèsì, On'yomi: Tōtōtokka) is a store in the Bailu Village run and operated by Guanzhong Tao. Here Ryo may also chop some wood for money.


Item Price
Ammonite Sculpture ¥161
Baijiu ¥14
Black Garlic ¥9
Blue T-Shirt ¥221
Caterpillar Fungus ¥27
Frog Ornament ¥54
Ground Kick ¥214
Orange Juice Can ¥3
Pear ¥4
Rock Tripe ¥18
Scarlet Bay 50Y (Plum Liqueur) ¥ 48
Snake Power ¥270
Spiral Log ¥275
Stuffed Cormorant ¥104
Wen Lin Vase ¥172
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